Data Annotation Case

  • speech
  • object detection
  • key point
  • object segmentation
  • video
  • text
Single speech transcription
Multi-person speech transcription
Customer service voice transcription
speech segmentation
TTS speech transcription
vehicle detection annotation
traffic signal detection annotation
human face detection annotation
human detection anntation
22 human skeleton key points annotation
21 gesture key points annotation
road segmentation
hair segmentation
clothes segmentation
full view segmentation
human face segmentation
semantic segmentation
single object tracking
emotion video tracking
multi objects tracking
Emotion Annotation
entity annotation
entity relationship
reading comprehension

Our Service Advantage

One-stop self-service order

The powerful and easy-to-use template editor makes it easy to publish tasks, supporting 3D point cloud, semantic segmentation, TTS and other specialized data annotation services.

All-manual operation to ensure a more efficient work.

3 data mega factories, more than 5,000 experienced professional labeling personnel, all manual operations ensure high marking efficiency and good timeliness.

Real-time dynamic quality control

The whole process of real-time quality control in the annotation procedure ensures the quality of the annotation in the whole process of the project and ensures the project delivery speed.
  • High-end customized service
  • Personalized customization of the enterprise is acceptable in Datatang. We have one-on-one project managers for all the clients.With highly professional process communication, we accurately target customer needs and efficiently match the optimal execution plan.
Customize today

Customer Reviews

  • Big pool of speech datasets under different scenarios. The continuously increased speech datasets fit our projects ongoing demand. Bravo!

    ——Speech specialist,Irvine
  • Data security is always our top concern. They pay high attention to the participant’s privacy. They also take all methods to prevent data from leakage. It’s a relief for us to use their datasets.

    ——BD,New York

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