Data Collection Cases

  • speech data
  • image data
  • 3D data
  • video data
  • text data
scene speech collection
Regional accented English speech collection
dialect speech collection
wake-up phrase collection
accented mandarin collection
natural conversation speech collection
ocr image collection
animal/object image collection
street view image collection
human face image collection
human body image collection
gesture image collection
3d human face image collection
3d human action image collection
3d gesture image collection
Road Monitoring Data Collection
Home monitoring data collection
Street View Monitoring Data Collection
Human motion video data collection
Shopping mall monitoring data collection
Gesture video data collection
Q& A Text Collection
Corpus text collection

Our Service Advantage

Gathering Global Collection Resources

Collecting resources from more than 50 countries and regions and more than 1,000 partners. More convenient Resource allocation

Rich Experience In Data Collection

Mobile phone, 3D camera,professional data collection equipment including mobile phones, 3D cameras, hi-fi microphones can ensure to collect 10,000 faces and more than 2,000 voices in a month.

Data Collection Authorization

Data collection must be authorized by the person to be collected, and the person to be collected shall be subject to the power of attorney or electronic power of attorney signed by himself.

Cost Efficiency Collection

Our resources are spread all over the world; different tasks are distributed intelligently; and pricing models are flexible.

Customer Reviews

  • The 24 hours assistance service of Datatang is fantastic. I work with their US-based team to discuss project requirements in daytime and get immediate feedback and updates from their Chinese team in the evening.

    ——Data Scientist ,Sunnyvale
  • My previous project needs a large scale of bounding box annotation, and their price is unbeatable! I was also shocked by their excellent quality and awesome service.

    ——Engineer,Mountain View
  • 150,000 crowdsourcers
  • More than 1,000 partners
  • 3 super-large data processing bases
  • and second-level response to various data collection needs.
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