Autonomous Driving Data System

Object recognition | Signs Recognition | Precise Segmentation | 3D Image Annotation

With car-mounted sensing system, autonomous cars are able to perceive road conditions including road information, vehicle location and obstacle, which will be used to control movement and speed of the car. To make autonomous car safer and more reliable, we offer various and sophisticated data services such as road object recognition, road signs recognition, and precise segmentation of road object, 3D image annotation, multi-lens street image annotation, trajectory tracking and visual tracking, assisting autonomous cars to calculate its route and reaching its destination in a more precise and efficient way. 
Road Object Recognition Image
This dataset is composed of two million street view data containing different scenes such as cross-roads, viaducts, tunnels, and urban streets, and with pedestrians, vehicles, traffic lights, road signs, and prohibition signs all annotated.
Road Signs Recognition Image
30 types of traffic signs and prohibition signs are annotated, such as "go straight", "turn left" and "no driving". Speed limit signs that are annotated in this dataset are all with 20+ pixel boarder height and 10%- occluded area.
Road Object Precise Segmentation Data
32 classes of road objects are annotated in four different shapes: rectangle, circle, ellipse and polygon (generated by a straight line or a Bezier curve).
3D Image Annotation Data
Annotating vehicle in the same direction of the collection car and road contours, in a two-dimensional laser point cloud projection.
Multi-lens Street Image Annotation Data
Video data are collected by multiple lens. Pedestrians, sitting people, cars, vans, cyclists and motorcyclists that appear in left, middle and right lens are annotated by bounding box, with their categories and attributes labeled.
Trajectory tracking Video Annotation Data
Tracks of vehicle and pedestrians are annotated. Each target is assigned with a unique ID starting from 0, and same ID will be applied to the same target appear in consecutive frames.
Professional Service
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Professional Service
Leave your contact information,our experts will provide more data solutions